Innovative And Effective Frost Management Solutions

Trak365 pride ourselves for the most innovative and effective frost management system supplied to some leading UK vineyards.

We have developed a system that shows the cold spots of exactly where frost might be coming through in real-time as opposed to just receiving an SMS alert from a weather station which might be on the other side of the farm.

Our application called ‘WeatherWatch’ has live real-time dashboards accessible on any smartphone. An alert goes out when the threshold temperature is breached, this put the endpoint into alert mode where the temperature update becomes real-time and the responsible person is able to treat the coldest areas thus mitigating frost damage.

We have added a LoRaWAN enabled Weather Station to our viticulture solution stable. This will enable the solution value-add to increase dramatically by blending the data from the weather station with the granular temperature and humidity data.

Referral – from Nick Wenman, Owner of Albury Vineyard 2017

Because of our preparedness and the alerts and dashboards from ‘WeatherWatch’ we were able to prevent any damage to the vulnerable leaf-shoots, preventing loss of capacity or quality

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