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PRODUCT overview

There are two base boards which make up the soul of our products, from which we have created both bespoke and more general solutions to a range of problems that all businesses face. The two boards are identical in every way except for the presence (or lack) of a GNSS module, which allows for geolocation to be tracked, as for some customers geolocation is of great importance, and for others it is not necessary.

Using either board as a foundation we can fully customise all functionalities built into the board (temperature, humidity and accelerometer) as well as configure the 7 additional input/output (ports) to suit. We understand that different businesses have different needs, so we will work with you to adapt one of our current products or modules in order to accommodate your specific requirement, should the use case warrant the cost of this modification.

T365 Multi I/O (GNSS)

T365 Multi I/O

T365 Multi I/O Expander Box (XP)

Keep track of your data. Manage your assets