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Trak365 have joined forces with Vine-Works and Vidacycle to collectively offer our clients a very useful range of knowledge, derived from years of experience on the ground, for hands-on viticulturalists and agriculturalists alike.

Not only do we embrace the understanding that a vineyard is a business but also what it means to make it a success. We supply suitable hardware for gathering environmental/meteorological data within the vineyard or other crops. Analysis and visualisation of the collected data, helps to revolutionise new opportunities in farming through a blend of subject matter expertise and data sets that you can understand!

From the first meeting with any party in our collaborative team, the aim is to provide the knowledge and tools required to get the most out of your fields, soil and plants. This is achieved through proactive focus on natural observation and regeneration.

The meteorological and environmental collection and management of data from your specific site, through Trak365. A combined repository to blend this information with embedded subject matter expertise and applications, through Vidacycle. Applying best practice and services on the ground, derived through the application of knowledge combined above, through Vine-Works. The world of agriculture is changing to cater for working closer with natural systems using holistic and innovative methods.

The collaboration between Trak365, Vidacycle + Vine-Works is ready to be a part of the future, so could you.

Techtenna’s capacity to offer guaranteed connectivity using their own LoRaWAN networks feeds into the latest generation of wireless endpoints and overall solution package that Trak365 provide to Agricultural business needs and requirements, amongst others.

This partnership originating in the EU, is already working on projects in The Netherlands to provide this wireless connectivity and centralising collected data for analysis and forecasting through an open architecture offering.

Techtenna are building High Density LoRaWAN networks within cities; enabled by the knowledge and hands on experience on board to expand it. Despite the structural high density of the city – connectivity can be guaranteed inside and outside buildings. If a device has no connection, Techtenna will take care of it!

With a growing need for industrial IoT solution requirements that expand past Agritech, the partnership between Trak365 + Techtenna is extending its connectivity to our UK and global clients.



Vinescapes provide wine production services, knowledge and innovation to vineyard owners and managers

Trak365 partner with Vinescapes to provide WeatherWatch frost management and other environmental crop monitoring solutions. We are planning an expansion to our existing relationship to include a wider range of services using Trak365 products.


Tempcon Instrumentation Ltd was established in 1980 specialising in Instrumentation and sensors (probes) for Measuring, Controlling and Logging of all indoor and outdoor environmental and energy monitoring.

Trak365 partner with Tempcon providing connectivity for sensors using our low power long range wireless endpoints for WeatherWatch (frost management) of vineyards and other soft fruit environmental

Keep track of your data. Manage your assets