TRAK365. T365 Multi I/O (GNSS)

T365 Multi I/O (GNSS)

Either provided with enclosure or for use with OEM

This product is the most widely applicable for those who are looking for remote or local asset management and data collection solutions and require the geo-location of the asset at all times…

On Board Sensors

All the above entertain multiple choices of powering from 2 x AA alkaline cells through Lithium varieties or various mains powered DC supplies ranging from 3V – 12V or even rechargeable where required, Available on request.


Being able to achieve a granular heat map of a vineyard or farm is of great importance to growers, particularly during the frost season, so we made it possible not only to see the difference in temperatures across your vineyard, but also to get alerted by SMS and email when the temperature reaches a certain threshold (usually around 2 degrees Celsius) so proper frost mitigation can be implemented. Alongside this we have developed a LoRaWAN enabled weather station that works in situ with the granular relative temperature/humidity sensors.

Currently deployed for frost defence in vineyards across the south east. Accuracy possible.

If you have any kind of tank, reservoir or liquid containment unit then we can help you wirelessly measure and manage its level or provide connectivity to any legacy fluid (or other material) level sensor. We provided connectivity and a system for a global car manufacturer to see critical levels of specialised fluid in their production facility, which also translates to water treatment plant automation, swimming pool management and Aquatec (fish farming).
With methane gas pressure sensors and liquid level sensors we can gather the information necessary to ensure you are informed about how your entire system is functioning within compliance standards and make truly informed decisions. Proposal and pilot made for a landfill site to measure leachate levels and the pressure of gas manifolds feeding to generators and remotely turn off/on generators as appropriate.
Measuring air quality, especially major pollutants, is of increasing importance and concern both indoors and outdoors. We are working together with major sensor manufacturers such as Honeywell in order calibrate our electrochemical sensors to the highest.

Keep track of your data. Manage your assets