TRAK365. T365 Multi I/O

T365 Multi I/O

Either provided with enclosure or for use with OEM

We designed this product to be our most simple plug and play building block, either as a single use endpoint, i.e. Modbus, Current loop, Single wire or multiple use expander connectivity.

T365 Multi I/O – Endpoint

On Board Functions


All the above entertain multiple choices of powering from 2 x AA alkaline cells through Lithium varieties or various mains powered DC supplies ranging from 3V – 12V or even rechargeable where required, Available on request.


Being able to achieve a granular heat map of a vineyard or farm is of great importance to growers, particularly during the frost season, so we made it possible not only to see the difference in temperatures across your vineyard, but also to get alerted by SMS and email when the temperature reaches a certain threshold (usually around 2 degrees Celsius) so proper frost mitigation can be implemented. Alongside this we have developed a LoRaWAN enabled weather station that works in situ with the granular relative temperature/humidity sensors.

Currently deployed for frost defence in vineyards across the south east. Accuracy possible.

Our end to end system can accumulate and articulate the data that you need to assess energy usage of any unit utilising a 3 Phase Power supply, compatible with DIN rail and Modbus connectivity. Deployed for building a business case of induction vs inverter ACUs in a data centre on Isle of Man.
The current method, even for some of the most advanced facilities, is incredibly antiquated so we’ve been able to create a way of measuring the capacity utilisation of silos without the need for human intervention. Currently in development.

Toyota UK was recommended to Trak365 to provide data collection from 18 different tanks containing hazardous and other materials. These tanks all had current-loop/plc connectivity and the data was gathered by an expensive resource on a bicycle around the plant twice every day. Trak365 provided a solution which was non-intrusive and brought all tank level data into one real-time dashboard where alerts and re-order levels were provided, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds.

We have used a version of T365 Multi I/O on a selection of EOM weather station components to provide wireless connectivity and the data collection on wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity and rainfall using our endpoint and cloud platform. Thus; able to provide the presentation of this data in our dashboards or even blended together with our granular temperature and humidity sensors for our agri-tech solutions.

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