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Keep track of your data. Manage your assets

Solution DESIGN and Manufacture

Trak365 have designed, developed and manufacture a line of wireless IoT products consisting of only two types of units which form the major building blocks of our hardware endpoint solutions. We have also designed, developed and operate a full life-cycle cloud based system where we provision, configure and collect the data from these remote endpoints and use this data for client reporting and visualisation dashboards. We use industry standard communications gateways to transport data from endpoints to our cloud platform.

Our expertise is all in-house and because we own all our intellectual property for our endpoints and our cloud based management platform, it enables us to provide IoT solutions which are very flexible and customisable


Our Cloud Based Platform consists of the following attributes.


(endpoint only)

We have made provision for our endpoints to work seamlessly within our life-cycle data collection and analysis platform which enables provisioning, configuration, alerts and data management. If there is a requirement for our endpoints to be used on public networks and third party applications we provide:

Solution Consulting

Trak365 prides itself on the effectiveness and reliability of the complete industrial strength solutions that we provide from the biggest warehouses to an individual endpoint, which means that we will provide you with access to a combined 80 years of industry experience via our consultation service. 

The need for this service will vary greatly from case to case and we will relish the chance to create something tailor-made from our product suite based on-site visits and any information you provide us with. Because of the ever improving nature of technology and your level of comfort with IoT it is more than likely that your first installation will not be your last so we will make our knowledge and experience available to you throughout the entire process from first contact to long after installing your first device. This is where our experience with IoT can really come into play by tailoring our solutions to previously unsolvable problems.

Keep track of your data. Manage your assets