TRAK365. T365 Multi I/O Expander (XP)​

T365 Multi I/O Expander (XP)​

Either provided with enclosure or for use with OEM

This expansion board provides some easy-to-use real-life capabilities and connectivity and provides an ability to use the onboard unique intelligent input and output power. This enables remote actuation based on input status and associated business rules from very simple use cases to timed, mode switching use cases through our over-the-air configuration tools.

T365 Multi I/O Expander (XP) – Endpoint

On Board functions

  • 2 Fused Relay Outputs A+B
  • External DC Power 4V- 12V
  • Earth Lug Connector
  • 3 x I/O’s(g1-g3)
  • 1 x Single Wire Protocol Input
  • 3.7V Lithium Standby Battery
  • T365 Multi I/O Board

All the above entertain multiple choices of powering from 2 x AA alkaline cells through Lithium varieties or various mains powered DC supplies ranging from 3V – 12V or even rechargeable where required, Available on request.


Using a ruggedised version of the T365 Expander configuration we have created a complete Koi Fish Pond Management System, supplied with a smart-phone application. The system manages water levels of the pond and auto-fills where required, manages the filter and air-pumps (timed), automatically feeds the fish twice a day (timed) measures the pond temperature and alerts if outside parameters (SMS, Email) alerts are received for all the actions above just as notification as well power failure of the pond system.

Using our Expander product we provide information to tree farmers as to when a good time would be to irrigate crops based on measurements of the level of the groundwater at the time, the level of acidity (pH) and the soil moisture at the time. If the metrics being considered are ideal the result is a decision to irrigate or not to irrigate at that time. Provided with a smartphone app.

Using a version of T365 Expander as well a single purpose T365 Multi I/O, we have provided a client whose primary business is ‘leak detection’ a solution based on our LoRaWAN wireless connectivity. This is so that a building which needs to be protected against leaks of liquids or HVAC gas, can easily be implemented without all the cabling costs. We provided a licensed instance of our cloud platform so that our client are able to manage their own downstream client base.

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