Keep track of your data. Manage your assets


We have created a company which enables our clients to collect data from every measurable part of their businesses in order to increase awareness and insights, thus making more informed decisions. Saving money, resources and our environment are at the heart of what we do.


Through the combined knowledge and proficiency of our team we have been able to utilise a low-power wireless protocol called LoRaWAN to provide connectivity and communication with multiple thousands of endpoint devices creating an “internet of things” (IoT) eco-system.

We have created some hardware products, designed to keep up with the market’s demands for reliability and flexibility and a diverse range of uses. The two versions of endpoints we have designed and built, form part of the basis of our business and are what make us unique within the industry. 

We have developed a cloud based platform which enables us to connect to and configure our endpoints over-the-air. Data collected from these endpoints is transported securely and held in secure repositories within the databases on our platform for further analysis or visual dashboards as required


Trak365 have developed and own all the Intellectual Property for this IoT platform as well the embedded design and firmware of the endpoints and sensor connectivity hardware.

Although you will be buying endpoints that fit your needs and gateways that are able to collect data from those endpoints, you will also be buying into the Trak365 family. Whether it’s through one of our distributors, or us directly, we ensure that you are catered for in a way that suits you and your business’s needs. Because we created the product from scratch, we have complete control in how to tailor and adjust them to fit your requirements and needs

Our founding members and board of directors collectively bring many years of hard-earned industry knowledge and experience together and pass this on to our distributors and clients, assisting them in providing and deploying solutions which are fit-for-purpose.


Roger and Nigel started Trak365 after spending some years using wireless communications – to denote the status of remote assets. We deployed cold-room monitoring systems, early flood warning systems but quickly realised the need for creating a complete data collection and processing eco-system. In our earlier years the IoT or internet of things was in its infancy and to a large degree still is.



Nigel  with 40 years experience in electronics and computer systems engineering, is the architect of the system we have developed.

CLIVE Grantham


Robbi is an experienced trouble-shooter and is responsible for administration, control and generally getting things done.



Geoff, a retired medical specialist, has for 30 years run his own company designing, making, selling CE certified medical electronic instruments for specialist medical applications. He is our innovation expert in terms of electronic design and firmware capability and development of new sensors.

Harry Barsk


Harry, a hired business consultant, who has 35 years of sales, marketing and business management background from various industries. Solid track record of successfully achieving good results. Assists Trak365 with process streamlining for supply chain, stock control and other areas, a great source of knowledge and support.

Ralph Bink

Bink Groep

Ralph is the MD of BinkGroep BV and Trak365 BV Netherlands office, business partner. Successful entrepreneur and focused success of provision of technical products and services to the Dutch agri-tech, energy conservation and greater industrial complex in and around south Netherlands. Assists Trak 365 with focus on productised packaged solutions and services

TRAK365. our partners

Trak365 LTD and the BINK Groep have formed a partnership in the Netherlands as in Trak365 BV. to provide sales and marketing, installation and services of focused Trak365 solutions into the Netherlands and into Europe . Solutions include Koi Fish Pond Management, irrigation solutions for tree growers.

Trak365 partner with Multitech as our provider of LoRaWAN modules used in our endpoint hardware as well as providing us with Conduit Multiconnect gateways which are components of the Trak365 eco-system.

MultiTech designs, develops and manufactures communications equipment for the industrial internet of things – connecting physical assets to business processes to deliver enhanced value.

Techtenna build High Density LoRaWAN networks within cities; enabled by the knowledge and hands on experience on board to expand it. Despite the structural high density of the city – connectivity can be guaranteed inside and outside buildings. If a device has no connection, Techtenna will take care of it!

SmartSentry Ltd is a successful business based in Nottingham formed in 2012.  They specialise in the design and manufacture of remote monitoring and control systems and offer hardware, software, and firmware design services.

Trak365 partner with SmartSentry to provide the assembly and manufacture of our endpoint hardware. They provide us with certain embedded development projects and have been invaluable to our progress.

Trak 365 have been business partners with 3-Wise since our inception and for many years before Trak365 was formed.

3-wise assists Trak365 to develop, build and improve our cloud based platform.  It is always a work in progress.

Keep track of your data. Manage your assets