Endpoints With Features Unsurpassed In The Industry

Our endpoints were designed to offer connectivity from sensors fitted to local or remote machines or plants or indeed doors and spaces. The data collected from these sensors is encrypted in the endpoint, then communicated to an industry-standard gateway then through the internet to our cloud platform.

Our multi i/o endpoints have got certain features which are unsurpassed in the industry. They have been designed to embody ‘edge computing’ and really are some lengths ahead of that, with 16 onboard timers, 256 configurable modes and a very simple configuration protocol.

If there is a requirement to use such endpoints on their own, we do publish a message protocol document so that a client may use our endpoints in their own networks. We also have a document regarding our configuration protocol, however, our USP is to remove the complexity in all these areas so that one is able to get an IoT project started and completed with products and systems which “just work”. It is all the choice of our customers.

We provide consultancy to discuss what it is you require to do – we can assist in various choices which are available and have you up and running in a very short duration of time.

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