Tackling The Declining Enforcement of Compliance In Air Quality Control

As people become more aware of the declining enforcement of compliance and the damage that poor air quality is causing to humans in terms of their quality of life, there is a surge in interest to be able to measure and quantify just how much presence there is at any one time of noxious or toxic gasses and airborne particulates like feather dust, toxic vapour and so on.

Trak365 are forming a technical project partnership with Honeywell, manufacturers of sensitive electrochemical gas sensors and particulate sensors. The aim of this project is first to establish calibration criteria and evaluate what this means. Each gas sensor has differing dependencies on other environmental conditions, how do we mitigate in small lower cost air-quality systems?

We have developed the supporting electronics and wireless communications around the Honeywell gas sensors. When we demonstrated our ability to gather then compare data against other commercial air-quality systems we were offered this prestigious project to work alongside these experts in the field. Results will follow, watch this space.

We are looking to first concentrate on NO2, CO2,  2.5 and 10-micron particulates providing accurate measures in the low ppm or ppb scales .

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