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Ready to deploy Endpoints

There are 3 endpoint product variants, Trak365 Global (Global), Trak365 Local (Local) and Trak365 Personal (Personal).

All variants have the same core capabilities consisting of wireless communications, battery power and standard features on the motherboard, as described below. All are sold with enclosures.

The standard features are:

Accelerometer (motion)
Ambient temperature
Memory chip


Trak365 Personal is designed to fulfil a number of scenarios as a wearable, covering mobile use by people, animals and objects you want to keep track of. It uses LoRa only.

A smaller enclosure is used with a belt clip or other attachment point. The front of the enclosure has a membrane with an Alert button and a No Alert button, plus four LEDs.

Personal is intended to be ‘standalone’ so would not normally be used with input/output ports.  However, the same functionality as Local is built in, so additional sensors could be added using an expansion board (where the board is sold without an enclosure).

As a wearable/portable endpoint, Personal is designed to keep track of the wearer within a defined area, i.e. within the LoRa wireless field or within a set geo-fence within the LoRa field. One relevant example for this is ‘Lone Worker’ applications. This could be keeping track of workers on a construction site, students on a university campus or care workers. The accelerometer can detect sudden changes in orientation, indicating a potential fall. This can then be tied to a defined period of no movement before alerting. The endpoint also has an Alert button and a No Alert button. In this way, the wearer can activate the alert for assistance or, if they are OK after a fall, press the No Alert button to close the alert. Another example is for tracking animals on a farm or estate. Again, the different movements of the accelerometer can be used to indicate how a single animal or group of animals is behaving and whether there is an alert situation or not.

NOTE: Data capture can, in principle be included, however, this would require some modifications.

Personal uses a Lithium rechargeable cell, recharged through a micro-USB socket.

Four LEDs, visible through the membrane on the front of the enclosure, provide a combination of functions. They can be used for providing status to the wearer.

Three LEDs are in a row on one side (red, yellow, green) and are used to indicate battery level or other type of indication, the fourth (red) is the ‘alert active’ warning LED.

LED 1,2,3         battery (or other) level indicator
LED 4               ‘Panic’ (alert active) response indicator