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Ready to deploy Endpoints

There are 3 endpoint product variants, Trak365 Global (Global), Trak365 Local (Local) and Trak365 Personal (Personal).

All variants have the same core capabilities consisting of wireless communications, battery power and standard features on the motherboard, as described below. All are sold with enclosures.

The standard features are:

Accelerometer (motion)
Ambient temperature
Memory chip


Trak365 Global is a full-function, multi-purpose product that can operate in three communication modes: LoRa only; LoRa & GSM; and GSM only. It is designed to fulfil a number of scenarios covering mobile use and fixed installations. With the LoRa/GSM variant, it provides additional resilience against power failures and also continuous tracking of a mobile endpoint once it leaves a LoRa wireless zone.

In addition to the standard features, Global has an internal connector for the GSM slave board and an external D connector for 6 inputs/outputs (IO) that can be configured, typically for logging data, attaching external sensors or for switching on/off attached devices (actuation), such as a fan, sprinkler system or pump. Global comes with default settings for the 6 IO’s, however, customers can change the configuration of these IOs to meet their specific requirements and so create a tailor-made solution.

External sensors can be connected to the endpoint, via the D connector. The Global motherboard and slave board can also be wired directly into other machinery. One example for attaching external sensors would be for monitoring water levels on a river. Through a water level measuring sensor, a profile is built up over time of the river level. These data can be used to establish high and low thresholds against which alerts can be set. This provides proactive notification to those involved and, if relevant, can be used to, for example, open or close sluice gates through actuation (the endpoint being connected to the sluice gate motor) to mitigate negative consequences. A second example is where the endpoint is wired into the ignition system of a vehicle so when an alert condition, such as ‘out of hours’ motion is triggered, the ignition can be automatically disabled via actuation to prevent the vehicle being driven away.

Global uses 2 x 1.5V alkaline cells (AA batteries) accessible via the separate battery compartment for ease of changing. A ‘battery low’ warning is provided to allow plenty of time to change the batteries. Global can also be powered through the mains and external batteries, such as a car battery, via the IO connector. When connected to external power, the internal circuitry prevents the internal batteries being used. However, should the external power fail, the internal batteries can then be used as back-up power.