Services - Bespoke Product Design

Helping you take back control of your data & take back control of your assets.


Trak365 own the IP for all their products and also design and build the hardware, firmware, messaging protocol and back office software. As a result, Trak365 can provide a design service to tailor-make solutions for customers, providing just the capabilities they require, without paying for those not required.

Any of the products can be tailored in this way. If a different form factor is required to meet specific dimensions to fit inside other equipment, this can also be undertaken.

The firmware is written in a modular form, so that should GSM for example not be required, the absence of the component on the PCB will not affect the firmware.

Any of our products, or tailored versions, can also be sold without firmware so a supplier can develop their own system. Trak365 can provide the messaging protocol used for our products so a supplier can use Public LoRaWAN™ networks or build their own private network, should they not wish to use our back office.

Customers using our products can use our back office, alternative commercially available platforms or build their own.