Helping you take back control of your data & take back control of your assets.

General Benefits

  • Consultation is available to help customers make the best use of the endpoints and plan the implementation
  • A complete integrated system can be provided ‘Out-of-the-Box’
  • There is no need to understand the technology in order to make effective use of the system
  • Consultation available on developing processes associated with the system, such as the actions to take against different alerts, etc.
  • Training is provided in the use of the Back-Office as part of the initial installation
  • Functions such as changing configuration settings and setting up schedules can be undertaken by our Help Desk as an added service
  • Additional endpoints can be added to the system as and when needed, becoming operational immediately
  • Peace of mind


  • No-fuss installation of the Multitech Gateway and Antenna
  • Endpoints are operationally ready once batteries inserted
  • Legacy and digital sensors can be connected to the Trak365 endpoints, utilising the network communication capability of the endpoint for external sensors to send their data/state condition to the Back-Office
  • Pro-active notifications of alert conditions


  • Digitally enable existing machinery for both data gathering and pro-active management
  • PCB shape can be re-formed to fit within existing machinery
  • Components can be left off the PCB that are not required for a particular application, thus reducing costs and potentially the size
  • PCB can be wired in, negating the need for batteries, or batteries retained so the endpoint continues to report when there is no external power


  • Tailored solutions can be designed and built, based on the existing product set or for totally different requirements
  • LoRa or other communication protocols can be utilised for the back-haul. A common request is for e.g. Bluetooth sensors communicating with a concentrator, e.g. Trak365 Local, which then forwards the data to the back office using either LoRa, GSM, or other protocol.


  • The Multitech Gateway with the LoRaWAN™ server embedded is used for the out-of-the-box solution. The gateway receives the LoRa message from the endpoint, wraps the Trak365 protocol around it and sends it to the Trak365 Back-Office. The result is a closed loop between the customer and Trak365.
  • Trak365 endpoints will also work with Public LoRaWAN™ networks, should a customer not wish to have their own Private Network. These gateways simply forward the messages to the service provider’s back-office, which has the LoRaWAN™ server built into it. This identifies the correct back-office to forward the messages to. The messages will be received by the Trak365 Back-Office in the normal way. Public Networks are slowly proliferating across the UK and more widely in other countries.
  • Trak365 are developing their own embedded LoRaWAN™ server in their Back-Office that will continue to provide a closed loop with our customers while still having a private network where required.


  • The Trak365 Back-Office is a ready-made platform to configure and manage your endpoints, designed specifically to provide all the capabilities required to manage the versatile Trak365 endpoints.
  • The Trak365 Back-Office also provides visualisations of your data, where relevant, thus providing instant feedback on what’s happening.
  • Actuation from the Trak365 endpoints can be automated, as described above, but can also be manually controlled from the Back-Office, where that setting has been selected for an actuation event. This means the operator is in control of when or if the actuation takes place. This is particularly suitable where human intervention is required to make the final decision.
  • Using Public LoRaWAN™ Gateways, the customers’ messages are still sent to the Trak365 Back-Office.
  • Customers can also have their messages sent to their own back-office or another platform provider’s system. The messaging protocol is provided so the messages can be correctly interpreted, stored and responses sent back to their endpoints.
  • The customer or other platform provider will need to use the Trak365 messaging protocol to correctly interpret each message and the actions required, including making configuration changes.
  • Operational lease schemes for both hardware and use of the back-office system.
  • Deployment of licensed back-office software running in an organisation’s own data centre.
  • Ability to use TRAK365 data message-broker to collect data from our and third-party tags and gateways and have that data passed through as raw data, or processed as required. Data can be pre-processed with a view to integration with your own back-office systems through an API or JSON function.
  • Ability to purchase LoRa® enabled gateways and tags (endpoint communication devices) for use with any sensors, air quality, traffic management or other ‘smart’ applications.
  • Provision of complete solutions be they a mix of TRAK365 products and other third-party products or pure-play LoRa® products produced by TRAK365.