Trak365 design and build battery operated, low-frequency wireless devices (endpoints) for the monitoring of, and data capture from, local and remote assets. Trak365’s endpoints provide versatile and multi-purpose solutions for the Internet of Things for both fixed and mobile assets.


Are you interested in how the Internet of Things can help your business? Are you confused by the jargon around networks, platforms, sensors and big data – ‘connecting the physical to the digital’?

Are you in agriculture, environmental services, manufacturing or located in a rural area, such as a business or commercial park? We can help you.

Do you need to cover a wide area and also have good penetration in built-up areas? We can help you.

Do you want better information about your business environment, displayed as easy to understand visualisations, to inform your day-to-day and longer-term business decisions? We can help you.

Do you need to be alerted to conditions outside of defined thresholds, for machine breakdowns, or other unexpected events, such as flooding or break-ins? We can help you.

Do you want to save time and resources by automating responses to some of these situations to prevent further loss or damage? We can help you.

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More information on how you can take early advantage of the benefits of connecting the physical to the digital.

Trak365 Products

Learn more about the technology we use and the range of products currently available, plus the ability to create your own ‘designer’ sensors and endpoints to meet your specific needs.

The Benefits of Trak365

Find out more about the advantages of deploying the Trak365 solution and how the benefits continue to grow as you capture more data and better understand your environment.

Trak365 Case Studies

Some of the ways that our system is being used and the benefits accrued.


Case Studies, Brochures, Technical sheets and other information about Trak365 and some of our partners.


Documents, insights, adventures, successes and challenges that we encounter as we develop our business.

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